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1) Plan a vacation. It’s easier to get work done if you know at a specific point in the future, you’ll enjoying a hot drink in a cool place. Even if you’re just going away for a long weekend, it’s good to have a goal in front of you. Use it as a reward: when you finish your work, then…

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Get the most out of your Google searches.

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10 Tips for Getting More Done Each Day | How to Be More Productive f

The Apple Watch and New iPhones: Everything You Need to Know f

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A very clever and playful Ikea catalog ad, playing off Apple and other tablet ads.

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How Productivity Works - 32 Principles

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The Bullet Journal method. This could be really good for people who like the tactile approach to organization. Collections would be the key part for me.

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"Scheduling isn’t just about dates and deadlines; it’s all about process and people. Mostly people."